Saturday, September 5, 2020

Growing vegetables and banana in neighborhood

Because of lockdown due to Corona, I was not able to go to farm often. Once there was strict checking, you were allowed to go out for buying essentials, later it was relaxed, but still kept avoiding the travel. Buses were not there, so was driving to farm and it was safe, but may meet a few people who is nearby and laborers also, so kept avoiding the travel.

There was not much to do at the backyard, and my neighbor offered his backyard which is of decent size and gets good sunlight, size of the plot may be around 60 feet x 80 feet, they have some existing crops like arrowroot, one jackfruit and couple of coconut trees etc..but still lot of open space for growing some vegetables. Since banana is in constant demand, planted around 15 suckers, and also planted some tapioca, african yam (locally called koorkka), lady's finger,brinjal, baby corn etc...Also planted pumpkin, ash guard etc...


Made a compost heap from cut grass...some grass were cut initially, so they had dried up, can be considered as carbon source. Put cowdung slurry in between and some soil also, it may not be a perfect example of Berkely compost, but was easy to make from available materials. Watered it completely and covered with plastic sheet.

Compost heap was turned, inside it was very hot

Compost heap was turned once again, it takes around 15 minutes. After turning, it was watered and again covered with plastic sheet

Turned and watered it

Turned and watered it, looks almost ready now.

Pumpkin,Ash gourd etc...They wteere planted in pits filled with kitchen waste


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