Sunday, January 17, 2021

Cutting and mulching trees

Since we allowed to grow trees which came up of their own in the farm, there are quite a number of trees in the farm. Some started shading the crops, so now started cutting them and mulching them. Trees are cut at around 4 feet height and complete leaves and branches are used for mulching. An year ago, STIHL MS-180 chainsaw was bought for this purpose. Even though it is a bit dangerous machine and has to be careful, but it is quite useful. I make sure that only small ones are cut, never attempt to cut bigger one. Some time chain gets stuck, when you gain experience, you get a feel of it, that time I take it back and make one more cut near, so cut is bit wider, that works well.

Cut stumps...

STIHL-MS180 used for cutting


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Ravi said...

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