Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Kolumbu Mango

I have three trees of a mango variety called Kolumbu Mango. Not sure about the origin of this mango variety but 'Kolumbu' in malayalam means Srilanka. Old generation used to refer Srilanka with this name, there were lot of people from Kerala in Srilanka who had gone there looking for work, which earned good money in olden days.

I particularly like this variety since it is very sweet and there won't be any worms inside the riped ones, since the skin is thick. The raw one is not very sour. Another very useful feature is it bears fruit in every year, unlike some varieties which bears fruit in alternate years. Last year, due to some climate change, none of the mango trees fruited, but this variety had some mangoes.

So planning to plant some more trees of this variety. Some photos ...

Some youtube videos about this variety...

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