Saturday, January 16, 2021

Protecting coconut saplings from wild pigs

Wild pigs are becoming an issue in the farm now a days, their numbers have increased. When I bought the farm 10 years back, there were no wild pigs issue at all. They stay some where nearby and comes to farm at the night. They uproot coconut saplings,eat yams,tapioca and even destroy banana plants.

I have stopped cultivating root crops like elephant foot yam, chinese yam,greater yam,tapioca etc...There is a particular variety of small taro which don't eat.

Farm does not have a compound fencing, that is one issue since it is spread it is bit costly to put complete fencing. So thought of putting mulch around the newly planted coconut saplings, but that didn't help. Now a days, I put thorns from bamboo or some other thorny plants, so far that has worked, has to check if this is a dependable solution or not.

This plant was uprooted once, again planted and put thorns around.

Nursery of coconut saplings, thorns put in between, so far it has worked