Friday, April 16, 2021

Major decision - stopped watering

Had to make a major decision in the farm on this summer, stopped watering. Had a big open well in the farm, which is locally called as 'Kokkarni' and a 7HP motor and flooding was used for watering the trees. Water does not reach every where, but it used to cover large area. On around September 2020, motor got burnt, infact everything including starter, meter and motor got burnt, not sure what had happened. Had to rewind the coil and replaced with starter and ELCB and it started working again. This starter was not having single phase preventer which stops motor when one phase fails or does not start motor unless all 3 phases are there. Not sure what happened, motor failed once again, so had to decide to go for another repair or completely stop. So just decided to completely stop irrigation.

Luckily this summer is not severe, got couple of rains in March and good rains around April 14th, local Vishu festival. By next summer, should have good coverage of trees so that summer does not affect farm severely.

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