Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Understanding the timings of nature

With first rains of April, I could see many seeds germinating. One was the little millet from fallen seeds of last year. Old people say 'Aswathy njattuvela' (April 14th-28th) is the best time for millet, you can clearly see this with little plants coming up in this time.

little millet established in front of the farm from last year's seeds. Since it was overcrowded in some places, just thinned it down. This is the help farmer's should do to the crop, nature won't really care, it will try to grow all the plants and one or two may survive. Fukuoka san says, nature can be very cruel world too.

Also I can see ash guard, cucumber and pumpkin seeds germinating every where. In some cases, in summer I had put the seeds and watered it, but it never germinated, with rains, they are ready.

See few little millet plants which came up of their own

A single plant with many tillers