Friday, April 16, 2021

Seed balls with Pureria Javanica seeds

 Pureria Javanica is a perennial cover crop which generates lots of bio-mass. Even though it grows on top of many young trees, it improves the soil well. So thought of introducing it in areas where it is not there currently. Made seedballs using termite soil and home made compost. This time wanted to make reasonably big seed balls so that seeds are preserved better even when sown in peak summer. Earlier used to make seed balls with just a small coating and at that time it used to get eaten by ants, termites etc...

Mixed soil with seeds and took small portions and then rolled using hand, it is time consuming process, but doing every day some seeds it looked to be OK. Doing at large scale is difficult..but it saves lots of sowing time. Scattered seed balls before rain and also made sure that most of the seedballs touches soil, some times if it lands in heavy mulch, roots will find it difficult to reach soil.

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