Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Composting - some more heaps

 Have been making compost heaps in my backyard and also in the farm. Backyard inputs consists of dried leaves of bamboo, coconut leaves, some green grass cut and kitchen waste. At the farm it is mainly dried leaves collected from different parts of farm.

Backyard garden - heap almost ready - kitchen waste and dry leaves

Backyard garden heap - 1 month old - kitchen waste,dried leaves including coconut leaves

Farm - heap from green leaves,bit of dried leaves and cowdung slurry, completely ready

At farm - heap almost ready - dried leaves,cowdung slurry

At farm some more heaps may be organised, the effort is to get the dried leaves, more leaves are there especially from mango trees, but collection is laborious. May be should use labor just to collect leaves, then heaps can be formed at leisure by myself.

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