Sunday, May 23, 2021

No-till rice - 2021 1st season

No-till experiment using Pureria Javanica as covercrop has beeing going on for some time, it will be around 1.5 years since I started this. Now Pureria Javanica is established completely in one portion which is around 0.05 acres. There are no grass seen in these fields, that is one advantage. Now if this cover crop is cut and kept aside the land is very clean of grasses. Issue with grassy field is that, even if we cut it, it will come back with more vigour and outgrow rice.

I am waiting for some more rain and at that time, I will cut this cover crop and will also move the fallen leaves to the side and then will sow the seeds, mostly in line and then will put some home made compost and then will coverup lightly with cut cover crop. Will have to see what other challenges comes



Pureria well established..

Cut using is laborious...may be I should cut alone for 2-3 days and then call the helper, otherwise more money has to spend on the preparation

Using Homi hoe, channel is made for sowing is quite useful. Soil looks fertile

Sowing seeds...the seeds were soaked in water for 24 hours

Mulched slightly after sowing seeds...Both of us had spent a day and only half was completed...

Kattamodan rice - upland variety with 3 months duration..drought tollerant and suppress weeds well


After a heavy rain, water started stagnating..did weeding using Fokin's hoe









1. Shade is a show stopper, so shading branches has to be cut. In areas where there is shade, rice looks very thin
2. At places where germination is bad, we have to reseed within a week or so, may have to do this couple of times, also put some seeds together so that it can be transplanted wherever there are no plants
3. Plant density has to be controlled in the line..thinning is a laborious job, so better to put less seeds
4. Keep cut mulch at one point and use decomposed mulch from previous to mulch the field, very thinly
5. To be seen the possibility of seeding green gram in between rice, may be after a period of 1 month or so to reduce weeds

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