Friday, October 15, 2021

Happy Hill Rice

Even though I tried some seeds in March-April as soon as I had received it, knew that is not the actual season, so trying it with monsoon when the temperature is cool and ground is wet. The seeds received were not very healthy, lots of plants turn yellowish and die. But in one area, could get some harvest, so trying those seeds again, so they are happy hill rice grown in this climate being tried out again here.


The seeds used were harvested in around August end 2021.

Have put around 130 seeds in grow bags, after soaking them in cowdung water for 24 hours. Soaking may have to be reduced to 12 hours, that is the typical practice, some where I thought it is 24 hours and kept it. After 3-4 days, rice seedlings are seen.


Around 80 seedlings are growing, out of 130 seeds.


Transplanted the seedlings..1/2 seedlings in every 10cms. Also broadcasted some fenugreek seeds as a ground cover. It rained heavily at the night, so not sure, if fenugreek will germinate.

Spread some home made compost made out of green leaves, dried leaves and kitchen waste. Also applied some cowdung.


Had applied very diluted home made fish amino acid 


Applied cut leaves of mexican sunflower throughout to keep the soil covered and also applied some fresh cowdung slurry


Applied fresh indigenous cow's dung slurry twice. Also mulched with glyricedia leaves


mulched using super napier grass cuttings and also applied some soil mixed with ash and applied cowdung slurry


Applied cowdung slurry, bit home made compost..also broadcasted some moth beans seeds, these are low growing legume and its seed is used as food



Flowering is almost complete...

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