Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Mexican sunflower

Used to see Mexican Sunflower in Youtube videos and permaculture articles, where it is called as a Dynamic Accumulator. But never was there a mention from any local farmers or any one in the farming community. Happened to see them on road sides and started looking them closely and started reading more. Took some cuttings from road sides and planted at home and they were growing quite fast, so was impressed. Then thought of introducing them to farm, since any biomass generator and diversity addition is good for the farm.

This year planted them around newly planted saplings and also near the trenches. Recently planted 3 cuttings on the front yard where one chaya mansa tree had fallen from ant attack and we lost the shade in the front porch. Mexican sunflower cuttings grew in 4 months and brought back that shade. 

Showed this plant to my helper Palani and he said he has seen them in big bunches on road sides and went with him and collected lots of cuttings and planted around trenches and as shade for saplings.

Mexican sunflower planted to provide shade for the newly planted fig saplings

3 cuttings were planted 5 months back, now they are 12 feet tall and started flowering

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