Saturday, October 19, 2019

Never grow Subabul without proper maintenance

Subabul is a leguminous tree but an invasive one in Palakkad,Kerala climate. You can see 100s of small Subabul trees under a grown up tree, that is why it is called an invasive species. Also after growing cutting and removing them is practically impossible, if you want to plant some thing in that area. Also the biomass generation by this tree is not much, since the leaves are very small. Goats and Cows like the leaves, so can be fed to them. So in my opinion, if you plant them and leave it unattended it can cause lots of trouble, if you periodically cut them before seeding, then it is fine. But leguminous trees like Glyrecedia, Pongamia etc are OK, even if you leave them for an year.


Jayadeep(JDP) said...

Hello Nandakumar - I planted couple in an area where we had trouble growing glireridia and were devoid of shade for the coffee plants. We already have one in another estate and since we have coffee plants below, it doesn't appear to be that invasive. But since we have regular pruning of the shade trees, we can manage it I guess.

Nandakumar said...

Hi Jayadeep - Felt great to see your comments. I remember seeing you in college..don't remember we met in Bangalore though.

Once it start producing seeds, you have to keep a watch on it. If you are pruning regularly. the seeds may not be formed, and then there is no issue.

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