Saturday, October 19, 2019

Re-evaluating Pueria Javanica as a cover crop

I have been using Pureria Javanica as a cover crop since 5-6 years now. In some area, it is well established and it is a vigorous climber and climbs all over the small plants and does not allow any other species. But one good thing is that it generates lots of biomass and the mulch looks to be very useful and the soil becomes soft and dark under this cover crop. Recently I planted turmeric, chilli, tapioca, taro and sweet potato after cutting and clearing Pureria established places.

One good thing is that, the soil becomes fertile under this cover crop and if we cut and clean it the land is quite weed free, only this cover crop will come back, so if we periodically cut it then any crop can be cultivated using this as cover crop. I am also planning to try no-till rice using this cover crop.

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