Saturday, October 19, 2019

Sweet potato

Bought  a few sweet potatoes from shop and cut it into pieces and planted after clearing an area which was fully covered with Pureria. After cutting the area with Pureria, it looks neat since there are no other weeds and also the soil looks soft and dark, may be with nitrogen put by the Pureria. After cutting and keeping the mulch aside, cleaned all the weeds and wines and then mulched back and then dug the ground and kept the sweet potato cuttings.

Once in 10 days, the Pureria wines has to be cut and cleaned, but it is not a difficult task, but if we leave it for long, then the crop will be lost since Pureria would have grown all over the crop, hence timing is very important.


Cuttings from the above was planted in another area..continuous rain is there, hence it does not even wilt a bit...


Established quite well, cleaned few weeds today

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