Saturday, October 19, 2019

Rice farming - 2nd season - 2019

Since 1st crop won't be enough for 1 year, planning to do 2nd crop also. Since family like white rice, looked for this variety, also needed a less duration variety since there will be water shortage towards the end of the crop. While going to farm in auto, asked the driver, how his harvest is going and also checked which variety he is cultivating. Lot of farmers find a second job since income from farming won't be enough. He was using a variety called ASD which is white rice and 90 days duration. This is a variety from Tamilnadu and specially suited for Chittur,Palakkad area. They have been cultivating using this variety for some time and he was saying, if we don't apply much fertiliser it won't fall down. Anyway in my case, there is absolutely no fertilzer at all, so it should be fine. Collected 20Kgs of ASD paddy seeds from him.


Took around 2 hours to complete this.

Put the ASD seeds in water by around 8.00PM today, will put that in jute sack after 24 hours.

Seeds were put in water for 24 hours and in jute bag for 12 hours, in only a few seeds germination was noted. This time it is in put in plastic sheet, first plastic sheet is put, then muddy soil is put on it, then seeds are sown,after that a news paper is spread and thin layer of mud is put. If there is no rain, we may have to keep it wet. After 3-4 days, news paper can be removed.


Transplanting completed....


Weeded once, with 3 women laborers for 2 days...also they brought around 15 kotta of cowdung and spread it


Not much weeds seen, but may have to do an advance weeding

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