Monday, May 4, 2015

Indigenous cows in Thiruvilwamala

Went for a half day trip to a place called Thiruvilwamala, Trichur, Kerala on last sunday. There was nothing much to do that day and thought of visiting Rama temple in this place with family.Thiruvilwala is a scenic place with hills and bharathapuzha river. We reached early there and while roaming around the place happened to see a variety of indigenous cows. They freely roam around and none of them had the nose thread. Typically they give 1 litre milk but are very robust and don't need any costly feed. Here are some photos...


Came  across this video in youtube, which talks about Ramesh Korappath ( 9447082591 - given in youtube) who is involved in protecting this species

Another person Unnikrishnan Mayannur (+91 8281078 496)


Another article about this native variety