Thursday, May 10, 2018

Turmeric, Taro - 2018

Had some turmeric seeds from last harvest, since there was good summer rain, started planting them. 14 raised beds were planted, these beds were made 3 years back, after that no new beds were made, just maintaining them. While harvesting some extra care is provided so that beds are not completely disturbed, that saves lot of effort later. 

Started with cutting the grass in the raised bed, then grass on the boundary is cut and put back on the beds, along with this some new soil also gets added. Collected dried leaves from the road, and then made small pits and put some cowdung and leaves and then turmeric was planted.

In two beds, pits were not made, rather just 2-3 handfuls of dried cowdung was put and then turmeric seeds were put, then applied dried leaves. But on these beds, I first removed the mulch and then cut the new grass, some were pulled out also, after planting, mulch was applied back. If these beds yield reasonably well, then next time onwards, complete planting can be done like this which saves lot of effort.

I have a new helping hand, his name is Sivan, since he works with me, the whole thing becomes much more easier. 

No-till bed

Small pits made for planting


Planted Taro also in a similar way

Since beds were mulched earlier, there was not much grass, but removed a few existing one so that crops starts nicely. May be weeding will be necessary in every 2 weeks till the crops are established. Planning to sow green gram in one or two fields just to see if the cover crop takes care of the weeds.

02-December-2018 is reasonably OK.