Monday, December 19, 2016

Evaluation of cowdung liquid manure and fresh cowdung slurry

In rainy season, I had applied cowdung slurry to cowpea,brinjal and ladys finger and found excellent results. I just wanted to evaluate fermented cowdng slurry with fresh cowdung slurry.

So I am planting some ladys finger and rice plants and will apply fresh cowdung slurry and fermented cowdung slurry once in a week and will see which shows better results.

Fermented cowdung slurry was prepared by filling a drum with 150 litre water and putting around 10Kgs of fresh cowdung and 5 handfuls of horse gram powder, 4-5 bananas and a handful soil. This was fermeted for 2 days.


Fermented cowdung slurry being prepared....


The one with stick was applied with fermented cowdung liquid and other one with fresh cowdung slurry.

Two plants on the right side is applied with fermented cowdung liquid and other two was applied with cowdung slurry

Could not complete these experiments due to various reasons...majorly because of water shortage, watering was delayed...

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Berceem clover evaluation

I was trying to grow a cover crop for the coconut area, which grows and reseeds every year. Some people said, Berceem clover is a good choice, so got some seeds from a friend. I just it put in kitchen garden, it readily germinated, even though growth is not very good..some pictures will follow...


It has been 3 weeks since I put them...


One or two white flowers have appeared, the one on the left is a weed flower. It looks to me, this may grow better in rainy season in this climate? I have saved some seeds to experiment, but anyway they have to germinate and come along with pre-monsoon showers.

Could not see any seeds formed...overall not sure about if it will grow well in this hot climate, anyway will try it with monsoon season once again.

Happy Hill Rice - 2016 December

To keep the continuity of seeds, I am cultivating Happy Hill Rice on this season. Couple of years back, I lost all the seeds after keeping it for an year. This time, I am trying a few seeds in ground and some seeds in a grow bag.


A few seeds were put along with Arachis pintoi, but only three germinated..


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Farm - December 2016

This year monsoon was very bad, it is about 50% less. By december it has become very dry and it gives a summer feeling. I stopped cutting any grass, except path ways.

Pureria is established well over here...this area gets frequent watering also.

Newly made, banana circle...

Pureria is slowly establishing here...

This area is very dry...already some coco saplings are dying...

Received a good rain ...after the looks greener..